St. Martin's Child Center

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Playing and Exploring

Another Day at Playing and Exploring - Itís also a way of learning!

St. Martinís Child Center has been home to more than three generations of families, incorporated in 1972.  Our warm and welcoming Center  has a focus of enlightening and developing every childís skills to their maximum potential.  We are an early childhood program that welcomes all children and their energy.  We are independently owned with a Board of Directors from the community.  St. Martinís Child Center is supported by the Department of Social Services (Child Care Subsidy), Head Start, United Way, the Variety Club. We are conveniently placed among neighbors in a residential area that is known for itís networked community. Look further to see the wonderful ideas, skills, and creations that our children produce through their art, play, and cognitive development.  St. Martinís Child Center stands out with a great reputation for thirtyĖ three years as providing quality services at an affordable rate.  We stand tall when we say that we are solid like a rock in our North County Community. Consider St. Martinís Child Center when you want to experience a positive Early Childhood Development Center.