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St. Martin’s has been approved by the Department of Economic Development, through the Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), to make state tax credits available to any eligible person or business in Missouri. This gives St. Martin’s an awesome way to encourage your giving.

Who Qualifies?

  • Corporations
  • Insurance and Express companies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Partnerships and individual partners
  • S-corporations/individual shareholders
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Individuals operating a farm in Missouri
  • Individuals with Missouri rental property

Eligibility Criteria
The Department of Economic Development (DED) will issue 50% tax credits to an eligible taxpayer who makes a qualified contribution to an approved Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) project.

Program Benefits/Eligible Uses
The tax credits can be applied to several types of taxes.

Credit’s Special Attributes
Tax Credit can be carried forward 5 years.

Funding Limits
The maximum amount of tax credits available is $16 million per fiscal year. The tax credits are allocated at the discretion of DED and are subject to change.

And now you can get tax credits when you donate!


Your donation of support for ST. MARTIN’S CHILD CENTER will allow us to continue offering childcare and education to a vulnerable population at a cost lower than similar child care centers.

The program is simple. You make a donation of $1,000 or more and you may take 50% of the amount of your gift to St. Martin’s Child Center off the total of your Missouri state tax liability. You may then take a charitable deduction off your federal taxes without regard for your 50% credit from the state of Missouri. That’s right; the out of pocket expenses could be less than half of your original donation! See the table below for examples of how tax credits may be applied:

The Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) credits allow the qualified donor to reduce their Missouri tax liability by 50% of their total contribution. A contribution of $1,000 can potentially cost the donor only $265.

Missouri 50% tax credits are available to any Missouri tax payer, whether an individual, corporation, firm or S corporation doing business in Missouri and subject to state business income tax.

Your support of St. Martin’s through time, in-kind donations and money will allow us to continue offering childcare and education to a vulnerable population at a cost lower than many similar child care centers.